Retirement Planning for Business Owners

At this stage of life, our clients are typically focused on two main priorities – ensuring they have enough savings to last their retirement and maximizing their estate for loved ones or favourite charities.

The Taylor Team specializes in helping you address a variety of financial issues as you approach retirement and during your retirement years. What makes our service distinctive is the development of a personal wealth management strategy that provides a disciplined process and cohesive set of strategies for achieving your goals.

We start by taking the time to thoroughly understand your current financial situation, needs and dreams. Next, we identify opportunities and issues that may have an impact on your goals, and make recommendations as part of an integrated plan. In implementing each component of your plan, we will draw on our extensive network of specialists as required -- money managers, insurance brokers, lawyers, tax accountants and mortgage brokers, to name a few – ensuring each solution is aligned with your goals and best interests.

Our services for retirees and pre-retirees the following planning areas:
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